Brandon is a Legacy Boy through and through. Just starting his freshman year at Verona University, he’s already the captain of his Rugby Team and one of the Alpha Personalities in the Kappa Fraternity. He is the son of distinguished Verona and Kappa House alumni Redwood Crane. Brandon is constantly besieged by the pressures of family, fraternity and his girlfriend, Paris. Though these responsibilities weigh on him, he consistently meets and exceeds the expectations put upon him. 

Although Xan belongs to the Gamma Fraternity, his loyalties lie strictly in his own interests. He is free spirited and rebellious, an amazing athlete who lacks the discipline or focus to excel in any real way. Being very open sexually, he gets involved with both men and women with complete disregard for the rules of society.  Xan has a connection with Queen Mab and looks to her for support in a world where he’s quite alone.  Driven by something he’s unable to define, Xan is the wild card on campus.

A Gamma to the core, Drew is the Mercutio of Verona Campus.  Drew is the founder of Taint Magazine, an underground publication, which works to expose the dirty underbelly of the elite world of Verona.  An instigator who lives to fight, Drew is devoted to bringing down the Kappa House, particularly Brandon Crane.  Drew is fiercely protective of Xan and will do anything to protect him and the fraternity.  

The head of the Kappa Fraternity, Clay is the Tybalt of Verona Campus. Clay sees the world in terms of black and white, he allows for no lapse in discipline or loyalty from himself or his brothers.  A volatile personality, Clay is not afraid of violence, and will manipulate events and the people around him to make his devious acts fit inside the lines of campus rules. 

The golden girl of Verona campus, Paris is a loyal sorority sister who dares to have it all.  She's the girlfriend of the incredibly popular, Brandon Crane, the star of the school production of Romeo and Juliet and an avid activist for equality in the admission process of sororities, often putting her at odds with her fellow sisters.  Totally ready to make a lifelong commitment to Brandon, she hangs on the possibility of his decision to pin her.

A freshman pledge of the Gamma House, Christopher is a close friend to Brandon Crane, putting him at odds with his Gamma Brothers. Christopher is an innocent young man thrust into the deceptive depths of the world of Verona.

Queen Mab is the essence of human freedom personified.  A stunning drag queen, she is the owner and operator of “The Palace”, an underground dance club where people are free to explore all aspects of themselves without judgment or persecution.  Queen Mab acts as a mother figure for the rebellious Xan, offering him love and comfort in a world full of confusion and hate.

A powerful and influential alumnus of both Verona University and the Kappa Fraternity, Redwood Crane is the father of Brandon.  A successful and devious lawyer, Redwood is a master manipulator and a fierce supporter of the Greek System.  He places enormous amounts of pressure on Brandon in order to shape him into the kind of man that will carry on the Crane family name with the respect and admiration it deserves.

The beautiful wife of Redwood Crane and the loving mother of Brandon, Tish is a noted socialite in Verona County and an avid supporter of Verona University.  Tish has always been a caring mother to Brandon, often offering a kind word to contrast the harshness of the responsibilities put upon him.  Tish is very involved in the continued evolution of Brandon’s relationship with Paris, often offering advice or acting as a personal confidant to both sides of the couple. 


Baring all for the rugby team, this campus hussy is looking to get straight B’s...for boneras...